About Us

What is CWPN?

The CWPN, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational and networking organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the greater Wiccan and Pagan community in Connecticut and surrounding areas. The goal was, and is, to help provide a forum for Wiccans and Pagans to meet others of “like mind” and to come together and worship in a safe environment. Our hope has been to construct a sense of “community” in which we can all share with and learn from one another.

A Brief History

In 1989, Ainsely Friedberg, a local store owner, created an organization called The Fairfield County Wiccan Network. Many of its members were located in the Fairfield County area. This group soon grew to include the entire state of Connecticut and in 1994 it changed its name to CWPN.  In 2002, the CWPN became a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the greater Wiccan & Pagan population throughout Connecticut & the surrounding areas.

Liz Guerra gave many years of service to the community as President of the Board she also Co-Chaired an event called Harvest Home Gathering for several years. The role of President changed hands to Mary Kimball, an active volunteer in the community since the beginning. In 2009 she helped our community acquire the rights to the event renaming it what we all have to to know and love Harvest Gathering. That is the short history as to why we say “Welcome Home.” When attendees arrive as a tribute to the event’s history. It is our largest event of the year, a 4-day pagan summer camp, if you will.

We host public events throughout the year, coven and study group referral service, classes/work-shops, various social events and lectures with well-known members of the Pagan community. Some of our past guests have been: Janet and Stewart Farrar, Gavin Bone, Margot Adler, Ted Andrews, Dr. Leo Louis Martello, Tzipora Klein, Laurie Cabot, Raven Grimassi, Donald Michael Kraig, Phyllis Curott, Lori Bruno, Jane Sibley, Ellen Evert Hopman, Ivo Dominguez Jr. Lilith Dorsey, Courtney Weber, Gina Grasso, and Prof. Ronald Hutton.

The CWPN also likes to encourage local people to share their talents and experiences with the community.

If you have any questions concerning our organization please contact us through this website, president@cwpn.org, or send your question with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:


PO Box 958
New Milford CT 06776

Statement of Purpose

The CWPN is an organization dedicated to meeting the educational and networking needs of the Wiccan and Pagan community in Connecticut. Our goal is to build and maintain a community in which we can all share with and learn from each other. We sponsor discussion groups, open Sabbat circles, classes and various social events.