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Contact Person: Laura Lenhard
Street: 21 Minerva Street
Postcode: 06418
City: Derby
Country: United States
Phone: 203-308-2457
Business Days:
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Talisman is a place where people can meet and gather to discuss ideas and issues concerning aspects of their personal beliefs without fear of ridicule or judgment.  We will offer opportunities to experience various truths and healings through diverse personal spiritual experiences.Talisman chooses to take a lighter-hearted (but always respectful) view of death and theology.  Death is the great equalizer – inevitable and impending, it affects us all regardless of race, creed or social standing.  Mourning is certainly acceptable and understandable, but dread may be alleviated through humor and an open mind.We anticipate that individuals who find their way to Talisman will share a common view that all life is sacred and will hold respect, if not reverence, for the natural world we all share. In addition, Talisman holds dear the belief that children, animals and our own Mother Earth must be protected and nurtured.  We recognize that our “look” and philosophy will not appeal to everyone - but while we may provoke a response, we seek to offend no one.  Our goal is to continuously search out and offer an ever-changing variety of quality, handmade goods of a spiritual nature.  We will try to maintain a balance between high and lower-costing items, so we can truly offer something for everyone.  We will do this by building upon existing relationships with our suppliers and by providing opportunities for low-volume craftspeople to retail their goods for maximum exposure to an expansive patronage.  Talisman will value relationships and deal honestly in business so as to gain and keep a reputation for being easy to do business with.  Inherent quality and the use of natural materials in the products offered at Talisman are ideals we will not veer from.   We hope that many of our goods will hold value, and be valued, by our patrons for years to come. 

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